"Decade of Synergy"


The World Cocreative Design Science: Decade ONE (1-1-2001 to 12-31-2010) is the first in a series of ten decade-long, collectively-coordinated initiatives to achieve the physical and metaphysical transformation needed to reach the preferred state of balanced human/nature evolution. Each Decade will bring a new set of priorities and actions, building upon the lessons from the successes and mistakes of the previous Decade while utilizing the best of the new and emerging capacities rapidly becoming available.

WCDSC: Decade ONE will likely be one of the most important decades of human decision making in that the choices we make now will have more impact and lasting ramifications on the evolution of Earth than those before or since the development of the atomic bomb, especially given the radical scientific and technological advancements of the past 10 years.

Synergy is the theme for this initiating decade of the WCDSC as we commence to coordinate ourselves in collaborative partnerships at a level greater than and unpredictable from the current experience of separately conceived and implemented initiatives. Synergy is also a key principle in physics, chemistry, metallurgy, and other sciences as applied to environmental transforming that enables the 'doing more with less' so absolutely needed to meet the needs of a growing human population on this finitely-resourced planet.



- Reevaluate ALL human-contrived systems in relation to how natural systems organize and interact to fulfill the same or similar functions.

- Coordinate systems of human interaction at higher level of cooperation and coherence using Internet technologies, whole-system strategies, chaordic business, economic and organizational models, etc. (See Cocreative Community Network proposal as one example)

- Establish a proper Earth Government to unite all existing political and national sovereignties in a common framework that honors and fulfills both the self-interest of each nation's physical, cultural, and spiritual needs while equally honoring the absolute need for a global balance in the human-nature relationship as a whole. (See Robert Muller's excellent writing on this idea.)

- Shift Education from specialized, compartmentalized, and competitive model, to comprehensive, empowering, and cooperative model, and provide easy access to all world's people through online 'learning and dialogue communities' and new curriculum materials for schools.

- Communicate in all media to all people the nature of the Critical Shift Period we are in, the worldview of Conscious Evolution, the enormous challenges and emerging opportunities arising from accelerated growth of technological development, the vision of our successful future as a universal human species.

- Convene Design Science world problem-solving host team, inventory all World Resources, Human Trends and Needs, commence local and global Vital Signs mapping, establish protocols and methodologies for long-term, global critical path planning to map humanity's emerging evolutionary agenda.

- Shift from Weaponry to Livingry, eliminating nuclear armaments, land-mines, etc., and securing ourselves from the even greater threat of self-inflicted abuse of the newly emerging quantum technologies including nanotech, biotech, genetic engineering, super-computing, free energy, etc. (while harnessing these technologies for their appropriate evolutionary purpose).

- Prototype Cocreative Design Science applications at local community level to develop the tools and templates that will enable communities at all scales to begin their own comprehensive conscious evolution.


DecONE: Phase 1: Santa Barbara Cocreative Design Science Initiative

I am proposing that Santa Barbara, California become the hosting community for the initiation of the World Cocreative Design Science Century. Santa Barbara offers the ideal setting, both in its natural beauty and in its intellectual and creative human resources, to serve as the initial convening and sponsoring community to catalyze this macro human initiative. Click here for more on this idea.


GOAL 1 (immediate priority):

Convene Cocreative Design Science Initiating Team to begin considering all aspects of this initiative as a unified undertaking by and for all of humanity and the Earth.

GOAL 2 (within first 5 years):

Establish a fully functioning Center for Conscious Evolution as a facilitating resource for the ongoing inquiry, research, design, connection, communication, and application of all aspects of human-human and human-nature interaction and interdependence during this critical phase of Earth's history.



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