To commence the WCDSC a host Initiating Team needs to form that will be responsible for bringing the overall discussion of humanity's and Earth's quantum shift into a cohesive and coordinated arena*. By using an omni-considerate framework (such as proposed in this presentation), this team will begin evaluating and drafting the best strategies for social change and problem-solving over the immediate and coming decades as we negotiate our way through the Critical Shift Period and beyond. A few suggested first steps of this team include:

*Similar (possibly same) such future thinking-oriented groups are being called for by other organizations, including the Foundation for Conscious Evolution's Evolutionary Collegium (in progress), and the Arthur C. Clarke Institute's proposed Commission on the Future.


There are many people who are immensely qualified to participate on an initiating team. Given the vast breadth and caliber of magnificently innovating people and organizations at work in the world on behalf of balanced and healthy Human-Earth evolution, it would be highly presumptive of me to select and promote a group whom I think could comprise a Cocreative Design Science Initiating Team. For the sake of this presentation I am including below a short list of great innovators, both people and organizations, that I am 'tracking' these days.


DISCLAIMER: The below mentioned individuals and organizations have in no way as yet been contacted about, invited to participate on, or consented to be a member of this proposed team. Those referenced are solely a representation of a number of individuals and organizations that I have found to be doing pertinent and innovative evolutionary works. I have included them here, along with a brief commentary and/or quote to convey their significance as I perceive it. I know this is a grossly incomplete survey of who and what is actively at play in the world today.


-- alphabetical --

(<>) = link to external website


Ron Anastasia, comprehensivist affiliated with Jerde Partnership, Paolo Soleri, Arcosanti, and a vast array of other greatly significant worldly works.

Kim Anastasia, high-end associate director in Los Angeles television industry, seasoned with the tools and teams, ready to leap to the next level!

Arlington Institute, John Peterson, Wild Cards (<>)

Arthur C. Clarke Institute, Joseph N. Pelton (<>)

Richard Barret, Values-based Organizations and Communities
Former World Bank employee now engaged in transforming corporations and communities through values-based assessment and decision making. (<>)

Don Beck, Spiral Dynamics, Peace & Conflict Monitor, Vital Signs Monitor
A master at understanding and communicating the value systems, or vMemes, underlying human cultures, and how to affect appropriate social change through bringing them to light in addressing problems and solutions. (<>)

Buckminster Fuller Institute, Joshua Arnow, Jaime Snyder, Marshall Lefferts
BFI is developing a major website initiative, with the working title of Spaceship Earth Online, to make visible the invisible big-picture, evolutionary trends and challenges impacting humanity and Earth, and to begin exploring the Design Science methodology in relationship to major critical life support issues. Click here to read a brief overview of the project. (<>)

Center for Visionary Leadership, Gordon Davidson & Corinne McGloughlin
Two of the leading pioneers in spiritually-based politics and governance. (<>)

CERES, Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies, Inc.
A non-profit alliance of investors and environmental groups working in partnership with over fifty companies--such as American Airlines, Ben & Jerry's, Bank of America, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Interface, and ITT--to improve corporate environmental responsibility worldwide. (<>) (See also the CERES Principles)

Chaordic Commons, Dee Hock, Tom Hurley
The purpose of the Chaordic Commons is "to develop, disseminate, and implement new concepts of organization that result in more equitable sharing of power and wealth, improved health, and greater compatibility with the human spirit and the biosphere." This new initiative of the Chaordic Alliance may in fact be the appropriate organizing structure for the WCDSC. (<>)

Mark Comings, physicist in zero-point energy research and radical space-time conceptioning.

Community Environmental Council, Santa Barbara

Earth Charter

We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future. As the world becomes increasingly interdependent and fragile, the future at once holds great peril and great promise. To move forward we must recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms we are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny. more... (<>)

Earth Communications Office (ECO) , Larry Kopald, Anne Milgrim (<>)
ECO reaches over a billion people worldwide with award-winning environmental messages.

Riane Eisler, author and researcher
Pioneering a "partnership" model of education with pilot programs in development.

Duane Elgin, author and evolutionary explorer
Developing tools and templates for online Learning and Dialogue communities. See his World Dynamics prototype interface as well. (<>)

ESRI, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Bill Miller, Jack Dangermond
Leading GIS software developer and application innovator, a vital tool for mapping life conditions for both local and global problem-solving strategies. (<>)

Joe Firmage, One Cosmos (<>)

Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Barbara Marx Hubbard, Teresa Collins, Marshall Lefferts
Educating and communicating about the worldview of Conscious Evolution, applying principles and practices of cocreative living at the community level, developing Center for Conscious Evolution initiative. (<>)

Jim Fournier, Planetworks conference catalyst and organizer (<>)

John Garn, ViewCraft
Pioneering use of whole-systems mapping software in community and organizational planning processes.

Geosphere Project, Tom van Sant (<>)

Genuine Progress Indicators, GPI

Terrence Glassman, TAG Design
Design scientist, educator, architect, innovator.

Paul Hawken, founder of Smith and Hawken, cofounder of Datafusion, co-author of Natural Capitalism (with Amory and Hunter L. Lovins)

"We must design a system...where doing good is like falling off a log, where the natural, everyday acts of work and life accumulate into a better world as a matter of course, not a matter of conscious altruism."

Hazel Henderson, Global economist, pioneer of Quality of Life Indicators (<>)

"We have to pull together the incipient coalition of cultural creatives over the next four years..." (from Live from the Peace Room radio show 1/3/01)

Jerde Partnership International, Inc., John Jerde
Global-scale architectural design firm, using "cocreative team" approach which combines talents and influences of people and organizations from around the world and across cultures in designing and implementing large-scale human living environments. (<>)

"I have a global view of humankind "becoming". A synchronous relationship between humans and the earth--both natural, living entities--is finally realizable. At the end of the millennium we are emerging into a condition in which inclusive, earth-wide goals can be envisioned and accomplished. Yet much work needs to be done to repair the damage wreaked by the cultural and physical disconnections of the last decades."

William McDonough, architect & designer of closed-loop factory and office environments

Dr. Robert Muller

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, David Krieger (<>)

Institute of Noetic Sciences (<>)

Rocky Mountain Institute, Amory & Hunter Lovins (<>)Stanford University

Hardin Tibbs
CEO of Synthesys Strategic Consulting, a management consulting firm based in Australia. Hardin specialises in futures analysis and strategy development, and is an experienced scenario planner. Before moving to Australia he was a senior consultant with Global Business Network (GBN), a research and consulting firm in California, and he continues to work with GBN in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region. (Download Tibb's Toward an Optimistic Future in PDF format, 64K)

"In fifty years we hope to have a stable, peaceful, prosperous, diverse global civilization, which honors freedom of personal belief, and in which democratic political processes dominate, with a high level of universal education and health care, and a genuinely impartial and accessible system of justice, and in which both advanced and basic technology is applied in ways that are in balance with the natural environment, and produce an equitable distribution of social benefits."

Michael & Justine Toms, New Dimensions Radio (<>)

Mel Toomey and Tantra Maat, Generative Leadership, Language Beyond Words

U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Sustainable Development

Margaret Wheatley, Berkana Institute (<>)

Ken Wilber, Integral Institute
Applying the Integral philosophy in all sectors of human endeavor.

Wisdom Media Group (<>)

World Game Institute, Medard Gabel (<>)

Worldwatch Institute, Vital Signs Research & Charting (<>)

World Resources Institute (<>)

Machaelle Small Wright, Perelandra Center for Nature Research (<>)
Practices of Cocreative Science and excellent research into Nature Intelligence and our partnership with nature.

In Santa Barbara, CA:

University of California, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara City College & Public Schools

City Planning and Governing Agencies

Santa Barbara News Press and Independent newspapers

Local TV & Radio

La Casa de Maria, Don George


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