Worldview of Conscious Evolution


Due to the increased power given us through science and technology, we are learning how nature works -- the gene, the atom and the brain. We are affecting our own evolution by everything we do. With these new powers we can destroy our life support systems; or we can move toward a hope-filled future of immeasurable possibilities.

We are the generation of choice, and we do not have much time to choose!

Conscious Evolution is the worldview that arises precisely at this moment in history to deal with the new human condition. It offers a vision and a direction to help us navigate through this transitional period to the next stage of human evolution.

Conscious Evolution takes us to the horizon and sees ahead beyond our current confusion. It sees that the purpose of our crises is to activate our new capacities and that the meaning of our new powers is to fulfill the deepest aspirations of the human heart. That is to restore this Earth, to free us from illness and hunger, to shift from maximum procreation to 'cocreation,' to liberate untapped human creativity and explore the vast regions of both inner and outer space.

The ultimate purpose of Conscious Evolution is nothing less that to serve the sustainability and fulfillment of the human species in alignment with the intent of the great creating process of nature of which we are all a part.

The Foundation for Conscious Evolution has a unique role to cultivate this worldview, which is arising in so many. It acts as a guide to identify, connect, and communicate vital ideas, people, and projects in every major field now actually working toward a positive future. We provide a new context to "converge that which is emerging" and to invite everyone to participate more fully in the cocreation of a future equal to our spiritual, social, and scientific capacities.

-- Barbara Marx Hubbard, November 2000



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