I propose to commence Decade ONE with an initial convening, discovery phase, and pilot program in Santa Barbara, California, with the intent that the community of Santa Barbara itself becomes the initial 'host' community for the global initiative as a whole (an idea as yet unknown to the city government leadership!)

As the host community, Santa Barbara would stand forth as a leader in the global shift and would assist in coordinating the resources and logistics of convening and organizing the Phase I initiative. The people and city of Santa Barbara would benefit by having some of the most innovative, creative, and brilliant minds from around the globe coming to the city, and by being a first 'prototype' community, Santa Barbara would receive enormous benefits as leading-edge innovations are explored and applied on behalf of the community itself and the global community at large.


Why Santa Barbara?

There is presently underway in Santa Barbara an exploration to see "what would happen if this community were to realize its potential for conscious self and social evolution." Initiated in May of 1999 by the Foundation for Conscious Evolution (now headquartered in Santa Barbara), the field of consciousness which can support the undertaking proposed is being established through local educating and communicating of the worldview of Conscious Evolution and its relevance to the individual, group, community, and world as a whole. There are presently 150 to 200 local residents who are actively engaged in this exploration with many others entering into the conversation.

Also, Santa Barbara has...


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