The inspiration for this idea springs in large part from my deep study of the works of Buckminster Fuller and Barbara Marx Hubbard, both of whom I hold in the highest esteem as pioneers of the uncharted territory of humanity's conscious participation in its own, and the Earth's, evolution.

In my own study and current work with both the Buckminster Fuller Institute and the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, I am also continuously being enlightened to the variety and breadth of great works -- both past and present -- of many other pioneering souls, some of whom are represented in this presentation. What I am absolutely certain of is that there is a rising surge of creative intelligence being applied to all aspects of human experience problem solving, and that, whether called the World Cocreative Design Science Century or not, the next 100 years are going to be the ones that determine whether the 'human experiment' fails or succeeds. It is precisely this rising surge that gives me confidence that it will be the latter.


Historical Background
In 1961, Buckminster Fuller proposed to the International Union of Architects that "the architectural schools around the world be encouraged by the I.U.A. to invest the next ten years in a continuing problem of how to make the total world's resources which now serve only 40% serve 100% of humanity through competent design..." (from the preface to Design Science Decade Document 1, 1963) Given that there were no personal computers nor Internet to make the task of coordinating and implementing such an undertaking a feasible quest, it is, in hindsight, absolutely remarkable that such a proposal should at that time be conceived and pursued (albeit not to the degree envisioned). Now, 40 years later, we have not only the awesome capabilities of the above mentioned technologies, but we are on the threshold of a technological (and consciousness) revolution absolutely inconceivable in the days that Fuller was preparing the road ahead. The body of work which emanates from the World Design Science Decade • 1965-1975, Documents 1 - 6, and World Game Document 1, 1971, stands available today as an essential resource and initial blueprint for the current (and same) challenges facing humanity (and is now in preparation to be published online).

Also in the mid-60's, Barbara Marx Hubbard began inquiring into the significance of this time in human experience wherein our unique position as a sentient sentient species, gaining unprecedented powers of creation (and destruction) through our scientific and technological advancements, becomes a pivotal determining factor in the continuing evolution of both ourselves and the Earth. We have become, in fact, accountable for our actions to such a critical degree that it now requires us to participate in conscious, balanced partnership with nature and cosmic evolution, or run the increasingly high risk of blundered tinkering with the substrates of reality to our likely demise. In Barbara's conception, we have entered a phase of evolution wherein we are co-creators of our reality, that this is a natural step in the grand evolutionary scheme of things, and that we are in a time of 'birthing' from one state of consciousness and being to another (as yet unknown) state. We are now cocreative with the impulses of creation itself !


Present Situation
It is 2001. Though no one has yet seen a black monolith (to my knowledge!), we are certainly experiencing a shift in consciousness and life experience rapid enough to qualify for
a space odyssey worthy of the premise submitted by Arthur C. Clarke (also almost 40 years ago, interestingly enough). We are negotiating with life's DNA, matter's nano-tech, machine's super-intelligence, and who knows what next. Free energy is probably a stone's throw away. Levitation vehicles just around the bend. Spiritual awakening is casting away the dream of our conflicted past. THERE IS NOTHING WE CANNOT DO... if we choose wisely.

The World Cocreative Design Science Century is humankind's 'once-in-a-species-lifetime' opportunity to choose wisely -- for the sake of life. This proposal is herewith shared to serve as an invitation to those who are consciously considering the momentous choices to be made by and for humanity to collaboratively, cocreatively, implement those choices over the critical decades ahead. We must begin immediately to articulate the Critical Path by which we can negotiate the radically altering landscape ahead, and we must be willing to consider radical alternatives to the presently insufficient systems of physical, social, spiritual, educational, political, technological, economical,and ecological Human-Earth interaction and interdependence. This is a call to arms, and to legs, brains, hearts, spirits and souls... It is time to act in concert with each other, for each other. The WCDSC is herewith offered as a common framework within which the synergy of our collaborative partnerships may emerge at the next level of complexity and coherence.


Personal Statement
The World Cocreative Design Science Century is obviously not a personal project of mine, but I am presently acting as its conceptual proposer. This website is an attempt to communicate a far-reaching, comprehensive framework within which we humans can make our best shot at surviving the changes ahead. As much as anything, it is an attempt to assemble the tremendously significant works of a small percentage of the planet's human genius pool into a tangible continuum to (hopefully) convey my ideas of how we might combine efforts within the already meta-initiative of 'the great work of our age'. This is my first draft at organizing the complex set of ideas, concepts, and projects that I am aware of into a cohesive framework. I have no doubt that what I produce here will fall short of what is 'in my head', but I am eager to put this out and get feedback.

To all of you who I make specific reference to in this site, I am grateful for the opportunity to know you and your work and trust that your inclusion is seen as my way of supporting what I see as essential parts coming together to form a synergistic whole. If in any way you are misrepresented or would like to be removed, please let me know. (DISCLAIMER: Inclusion of names of individuals and organizations other than my own in no way indicates their endorsement of this proposal and concept.)

To all those who I have not made mention (somewhere over 6 billion it seems), I can only say... "Damn it Jim, I'm a musician, not an engineer!" ...and invite you to submit your input, feedback, and relevant additions to me.

My deepest love and gratitude goes to Barbara and Bucky, both of whom inspire and support me in a manner inexpressible in mere words.

Most personally, I am unboundedly grateful to Teresa Collins, my beloved partner, best friend, soul twin -- and other co-director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution -- with whom this idea has been held in shared consciousness, and without whom I would be extremely challenged to make heads or tails of it all. She is a gift beyond measure for myself and the world!

"... ... ... no windows or walls, beloved... let's fly all the way open..."


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In Love and Joy,

Marshall Lefferts
January 2001
Santa Barbara, CA, USA, Earth, Sun, Milky Way, Local Group...

...gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi swaha



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