Proposal for a Joint Project
November 2000


A Common Call
There is among many organizations today the desire to create an internet-based software program which will facilitate the connectivity of existing and newly forming communities of people at a greater level of synergy than is presently available. It is a common theme of discussion that a self-organizing system of coordination among individuals and groups wherein common goals and interests are identified, needs and resources are matched, and creative initiatives empowered, would be a highly valuable social function to develop.


The Need in the World
Many organizations such as the Association for Global New Thought, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Global Renaissance Alliance have each built over the years a substantial community of members numbering in the thousands. These communities have formed around a shared interest, vision, spiritual connection, or other such purpose. Both leaders and members of these groups are now feeling the inner urge to become active cocreative participants in the manifestation of a society consciously choosing to create a positive future for all in balance with nature. In order to do so it is mutually agreed upon that we must coordinate ourselves, both as organizations working together and as the members of which these organizations are comprised, at a higher level of coherence and cooperation. To our knowledge, a tool does not yet exist which can facilitate such a higher level of interaction wherein the self-interests of each party are fulfilled while concurrently fulfilling the synergistic potential of the whole.


Organizations Who Have Expressed the Desire to Create Such a Network
During the year 2000 the Foundation for Conscious Evolution identified the following organizations who have expressed the need for such a function to support the growth of their community development or a specific project goal (there are undoubtedly numerous others as well):

Association for Global New Thought (church and community groups)
Buckminster Fuller Institute (Spaceship Earth Online project)
Foundation for Conscious Evolution (Center for Conscious Evolution initiative)
Foundation for Global Community
Global Renaissance Alliance
(community circles)
Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS community groups)
PersonPlanet (online learning community)


Proposed Strategy
The development and refinement of a Cocreative Community Network is a substantial and expensive undertaking in today's technology-driven business climate. For any one of the above mentioned organizations to undertake such a project alone is a daunting prospect requiring extraordinary dedication of resources, team building, management, and fundraising efforts likely to be far beyond the capacity of the organization itself. It is proposed, therefore, that through a concerted group initiative based upon the agreement of shared access to an end product, the above named groups combine resources (including seed funding, member representation, and operational infrastructure) to draft the initial specifications for this tool and submit a development proposal to granting foundations and/or high-tech industry investors for development capital and partnership.


Examples of Early Conceptual Versions of CCN
Pioneering efforts to model this kind of network have been undertaken by these organizations:

Cocreation database (not available)
Peace Room website
Conscious Evolution Network



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