The Peace Room is seen as a social tool designed to assist communities and the global community as a whole in identifying, connecting, and coordinating the wide range of innovations and innovators that are working on behalf of humanity's positive evolution. In its fullest vision it will utilize the same level of sophisticated technologies as do today's War Rooms, but for the purpose of synergizing the efforts of human endeavor on behalf of the ongoing pragmatic realization of peace. Peace in this context does not mean only conflict resolution; it means peace through cocreation, through the full expression of human creativity in cooperation with nature, with one another, and with the deeper design of evolution, as a daily process of living.

As in our war rooms we track our enemies and strategize how to defeat them, so in our Peace Rooms we scan for projects that are working in key areas such as education, economics, environment, arts and media, science and technology, government, health, etc.; we map them according to function and geography until we see pictures of the emerging world; we connect initiatives and people for greater cooperation and effectiveness; and we communicate in all media the stories of our breakthroughs and successes for greater public participation.

In 1984 Barbara Marx Hubbard succeeded in having her name placed in nomination as one of the Democratic Party's vice-presidential candidates (the same year as was Geraldine Ferraro) based on the platform of placing a Peace Room in the office of the vice president in the White House. It was obviously a favorable idea, but timing and circumstances would not permit its coming to fruition in the political arena. Now, with the advent of the Internet and the surge of evolutionary transformation in all of our social systems, the time has come for this new social function to come fully into form.

There is presently a core group in Santa Barbara, CA evaluating the considerations for bringing a functioning Peace Room into being in this first decade of the new millennium, at both global and local scales, with the intent of prototyping a working model in Santa Barbara in the next few years.

For a complete presentation of the Peace Room concept, please see the Foundation for Conscious Evolution's Peace Room website, and also read chapter 11 in Barbara's book, Conscious Evolution.

Please also tune into Live from the Peace Room with Barbara Marx Hubbard, on Wisdom Internet Radio (click here for more information)


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