It is no hidden fact that today's educational systems are deeply outdated and stifling for both teachers and students in exploring and expressing their true potential for creative intelligence. With the advent of the Internet we will soon see a revolution in education of a magnitude not yet fully imaginable. Online learning, combined with curricula that is comprehensively integrated across disciplines and empowers the student's experience as an actively participating and cooperating member of a living Human-Earth-Universe system, will rapidly render as undesirable the specialized, compartmentalized, and competition-biased educational systems of today.

A few examples of emerging comprehensive educational frameworks include:

Robert Muller's World Core Curriculum & Robert Muller Schools

The Foundation for Conscious Evolution's Gateway to Our Conscious Evolution online entry course (in development for Fall 2001 launch)

Duane Elgin's Learning and Dialogue Communities project (in development)

Joe Firmage's One Cosmos

PersonPlanet online learning community (in development)

Buckminster Fuller Institute's Spaceship Earth Online (in development)


With the advent of the Internet, the educational imperative to cultivate an informed world society which can comprehensively and competently -- and compassionately -- cope with, and successfully navigate, the challenges and opportunities now affecting humanity as a whole is beginning to take form.



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