World Cocreative Design Science Century
is proposed as the designated name and a beginning framework for
humanity's critical collective initiative at this time of quantum shift.


The World Cocreative Design Science Century (01-01-2001 to 31-12-2100)
commenced on the first second of January 1, 2001.
It is now in progress.

This site represents what I feel is an important and timely framework which,
if adopted, could assist the process of humanity's conscious evolution as we
define and embark upon the critical path before us. Though I have included
references to many of the great works being done in certain areas of human
consideration I fully acknowledge that there is vastly more at play in the world
than is herein represented.

I invite your most sincere and articulate feedback and input.

Marshall Lefferts ~ January 1, 2001



WCDSC.NET Site Contents:

Home Page:
Purpose Statement; Context and Introduction; Illustration of basic concept

Overview: Historical Background, Present Situation, Personal Statement

About the Name: World Cocreative Design Science Century

Considerations: frameworks and systems of evaluation

Assumptions & Prognostications for this century

Given Current Trends: what will happen over the next 100 years

Decade ONE: Decade of Synergy

Proposed Objectives of Dec. ONE

Phase I:
Santa Barbara Cocreative Design Science Initiative (proposed)

Goal One:
Convene WCDSC Initiating Team

(includes many external links)

Goal Two:
Center for Conscious Evolution

Peace Room
Media & Broadcast
Design Science Research & Application
Community Application

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